Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt (Thanks to AWESOME neighbors!)

This year since we went away for spring break, I wasn't able (or willing) to set-up an Easter Egg Hunt for my kids. We arrived home on Saturday night-- I went to the store for milk and nothing else. I am a planner so I could have prepared everything before we left; but anyone with any kids knows that you spend the 4 days before travel washing clothes, packing, running errands, finding things for your kids to do in the car, and so on....NOT planning fun activities for the day after you return.
Fortunately for me, while we were on vacation, one of my neighbors called and said, "I heard you are gone on vacation this week. I am planning an Easter Egg hunt for my son and it's so much more fun with other kids. We would love for your kids to hunt eggs with him. It'll really help us out to make it a fun experience. I will have about 25 eggs per kid packed, hidden, and ready. All you need is to show up Sunday evening and bring a bag or basket to collect eggs." I couldn't believe my ears. Help them out?! This was helping me out. What an amazing neighbor! It was a great time- we are so blessed to have a great community.
Connor & Robert (Will this be their last year hunting eggs? We'll see.)
Sybella is ready to hunt! 
 Cooper has a full basket!
 Sybella has two baskets now??
 Time to open some eggs.
 Posing so the parents can take pictures.