Sunday, August 16, 2009


Sybella loves her baby brother and will support him in ANYTHING....even if that means taking up thumb sucking.
Now, many of you know that Colin sucked his fingers when he was little and I determined that I would NEVER have a finger baby again. I practically shoved the pacifier into Connor, Sybella, and Cooper. My rationale: you can throw away pacifiers when they should be gone and I can't cut off fingers. Colin sucked his fingers at night for a lonnnggggg time and I could just hear the orthodontic bills "cha-chinging" away!
What may you ask did I do then when Cooper, my fourth and final baby decided last week (after lots of pacifier training I might add) to start toying with the idea of sucking his thumb???
Well, I'll tell you!
First, I took a picture quick, I mean it's absolutely adorable!
Next, I reminded myself that there is NO room for the word "NEVER" in parenting; I should have known better.
And Last, I decided that since: everyone in our family has had braces and both Colin and Connor have recently gotten head gear in preparation for braces (one was a finger baby and the other a pacifier baby), the odds were against us no matter what Cooper does.
So, I am offering the pacifier, which he sometimes takes, but smiling fondly on the occasions that he chooses his thumb. We'll see what happens.


Jeff, Anna, Grace & Lilia said...

SOunds like a plan. And I love the pic. He is such a cutie!

macymiamom said...

Total sweetness. :)