Friday, October 30, 2009

Things I Think About

In any given day, we think about thousands of things. I suspect that most of the time they are habitual or repetitive thoughts regarding our 'To Do' Lists, E-Mails, Meetings, Phone Calls, Meals, Chores and the like.
I often break up the rut of my thinking by exploring things that I absolutely have little or no capacity to engage in.
This is an email that I sent this morning to my husband:

"I MUST be sleep deprived. Here are just some things that I was thinking about this morning:
Painting the two bedrooms
Bunk Beds for the Little Kids
My MBA (yes, graduate school)
Friends Colin could take to his Scavenger Hunt
The trip to Korea
Flying in Chad’s Cessna
Losing weight
Working Out
Marathon Training"

Have a great day and THINK about some New, Exciting, Invigorating, and maybe even Spiritual things today (even if you won't get to them)!

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Bud and Karen Simon said...

What a cute little pumpkin!!!!!
And Cindabrella is beautiful.
I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!