Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dig those Dinosaurs

Today we went to the Kingstowne Library to see a puppet show. It was a show called Dig those Dinosaurs. The puppets were marionette puppets that danced to music. It was cute and the kids enjoyed the different puppets, all the movements, and the music (even the big kids- although they wouldn’t admit it). We were joined by 3 other families from our church, which we loved- it’s nice to be able to see them and spend more time together. Afterwards, we headed to Red, Hot, and Blue (a good BBQ place) with the Oswalds. It had been too long since our last lunch date.  :0)  


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macymiamom said...

I miss that library. I would go there every Monday night just to work on our missions stuff while Brad kept the kids! And loved the sweet tea at RH&B! Oh I miss Kingstowne!