Saturday, August 14, 2010

4 (out of 7) St.Clair Cousins

My brother and his wife moved to the DC area last year and I LOVE it. We have busy lives and we don’t see each other enough (I am sure that all of you who live within 30 minutes of your siblings and have kids understand this). But, having not grown up near any of my extended family (read “grown up as a military brat”), I will never tire of the precious beauty of my kids saying and knowing that they want to see their cousins!

Now, I have highlighted my brother’s family here b/c I have recent pictures of some of the cousins at the playground. But I have to say that my brother-in-law also lives in the area (SCORE! More family to hang with) and he and his fiancé are WONDERFUL about hanging out with us and including the kids in their plans.

Thank you God for the blessings of family!


**Disclaimer: I didn’t mention my mom at all, but she lives a block away and has moved to two different states to follow grandkids. Wouldn’t trade that for the world.

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