Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gobble Gobble

Ok...I ate way too much food and enjoyed every minute with the friends & family we invited to be with us. So, I have 2 questions for everyone:

1. What did you do on Black Friday?

I took the boys with their Uncle Phillip down to the Reflection Pool in DC to play football in between the monuments on the lawn and then Sharon & I went to Best Buy later that night to buy her Christmas present. I know, I wife's gift at an electronics store (she asked for it)!

2. Which teams were you cheering for over the weekend?

We watched every game and cheered for any team that might set up the opportunity for Ohio State to play for the National Championship. So we were thrilled to see LSU go down in flames and frustrated to see WV stomp UConn and we are watching MIZZO Univ vs Kansas!

Yes...Sharon actually watches more football than I do :-)


~David & Sharon


Debra Havaich said...

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Luke and Kristin's. They invited your grandma, she accepted, then never came or called. Not sure why. Maybe because she was asked to leave Sassy home on this one occasion because there would be a house full??? Ran to my parents, then Ed's sisters. (Luke missed the last two because he had to go into work in the afternoon to prepare for the rush on Black Friday) Took advantage of a few sales (gifts for NEXT Christmas - I like to shop REALLY early!!) Now we're just waiting for Kim's call that the baby is on the way. Last Tuesday she was 80% effaced and baby at station 1. Only 4 days earlier the baby was at station 2 and she was only 50% effaced. So things are moving along. Lost the mucus plug (wish they'd come up with a less disgusting name for it) the day before Thanksgiving. She is SOOO ready to deliver! Please keep her, Larry and the baby in your prayers for a safe, healthy delivery....and if you want to add SOON that's fine by us. Give our love to all, Deb Havaich

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the note...I am glad to hear everyone in Ohio is doing well.

There are some tricks to making that baby show up (Sharon might let you in on a few of the common nursing recommendations). We will keep them in our prayers this holiday season. for 2008 Christmas before most men have started shopping for this year's Christmas (I love it)! My problem is I would either buy things that I would end up opening, forget who I bought them for, or forget where I hid them all together.


David said...


Thanksgiving was a very good day spent with Ian, Mea, Alisa and Julia (their Korean exchange student). Tasty food (not tooooo much) and nice family time.

Black Friday was spent with Ane and 2 of her grandkids going to the tree lighting in Seattle. The trip turned into a "Christmas Vacation" episode! Ane dared her grandson to play "chicken" with the fountain in the Seattle Center. He HAD to take the dare and lost! Just as he was leaving the fountain area one of the water jets got him good! We spent the next 45 minutes getting him as dry as we could before getting on the Monorail. We got to the lighting ceremony in time to get a great vantage point and waited for the program to start. We heard a few nice songs by local artists. Then, about 5 minutes before the tree lighting, 2 small voices said "I have to go to the bathroom." "Can't you wait for 5 more minutes?" "No, I have to go NOW!" So, we left our great vantage point to go inside and get some relief for the kids. As we came out of the bathrooms we saw a reflection of the lit tree and the fireworks. We saw indoor snow at Pacific Place (after leaving a place at the head of the line to see some very special Gingerbread Houses at the Sheraton.) We returned to the Sheraton to find about 300 people ahead of us in line - we didn't bother rejoining the queue and headed to the Olympic Hotel to see the Teddy Bear suite. We asked the front desk clerk where the suite was located and he told us it had closed 20 minutes before we arrived! Thankfully, I am phlegmatic or the whole time would have been very frustrating! We had fun and never stepped one foot inside of a store!

Blessings to all the Simons,