Sunday, November 11, 2007

Team Updates

Right now we are focused on personal and professional growth over the holidays. Sharon and I have reflected on the last 5 years and have no misunderstanding that the 45 year plan as an employee does not end in retirement at 65. As such we feel blessed to have met Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady who have helped so many people become financially successful.

On February 22, 2008 at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis we will launch our new business. Committed to the concepts of Michael Dell's 3 C's (Content, Commerce, Community) we will be looking to begin building a commmunity after the 1st of the year.

Let me answer some questions that many of you have asked:
1. Registration - to be invovled in the pre-launch you may invest $15 a quarter or $60 annually. This is the standard access fee so that you can have access to the pre-launch planning, website, and professional development materials. The registration form is on under 'Business Forms'. It is a very simple one page form that you can fax to us.

2. Making Money - During pre-launch you can be paid for being part of the Team if you are a qualified Turbo 5 (this means you plus 10 new members on on the training system).

3. Training System - The team training system is an excellent resource for personal and professional growth. I can personal testify to gaining a better perspective about life, increased communication with family & friends, and increased financial success.

4. Building a Community - We will help you track your team and its growth. When someone completes a form and signs up, please fax the form to us and let us know if this is part of Team 1 or Team 2 for you. We will help you continue to grow the two tea,s so that you can achieve Turbo status and get paid based on the number of people on system.

5. FAX - 610.808.2095 - My fax is on 24 hours a day.

6. Our new distributor will be announced in St Louis and is a nationwide sponsor who will pay 30-50% more money than what was previously paid as compensation for being part of the community.

7. Blogging is the best way to reach us.

Happy Holidays
David & Sharon


Jim and Kim W from Ohio said...


Jim and I were wondering if we have to get out of Quixtar? Do we have to be out of it before we can do this? Is everyone starting over?

Anonymous said...

Kim & Jim~
Great question. Here is the long answer (I want to go through a number of steps and answer multiple questions that might spin off from your initial question). Let me be clear that we are not trying to recruit or encourage you to quit. We are presenting facts and allow our friends to make the right decision:

1. The simple answer to your question is YES. In order to be involved in any future distribution business, a person would have to resign thier current business.

2. Are you on auto-renewal? If you are than in order to resign you would have to call and cancel your subscription over the phone as well as send a letter in. If you are not on auto-renewal your subscription officially ends January 1, 2008 but the distributor keeps you in an 'inactive' status for 90 days. So to be honest and maintain the highest level of integrity we still want people to be upfront about thier decision in the form of a letter and to be clear about your reasons for leaving (pricing, unfair treatment, compensation disputes, unsellable products).

3. You can be involved with the TEAM ( and still be in Quixtar. The Team was designed to be a Leadership Development System. Team is a consortium of leaders. They are banded together under one common brand…Team, in order to take advantage of the benefits of economies of scale, geographic efficiencies, and shared best practices in becoming great leaders and developing other leaders.

Team’s leaders come from across North America. We have spent years studying and refining business principles in such areas as leadership, mentorship, process duplication, ethics, teamwork and goal setting. By utilizing the techniques and concepts taught through the system you will learn how to be successful personnally and/or professionally in any industry. SO...anyone can utilize the system designed by Team's Leadership.

4. Many leaders who were affiliated with 'Q' left for a multitude of reasons. See or for more details on that situation. The exact number was: 15,000 IBO resigned in September. This does not count all of the members of Team who resigned in August and October. That total number is not verified at this time.

I hope this helps answer your questions.