Sunday, September 14, 2008

How things get set in motion

This weekend I had the opportunity to marvel at how a master carpenter works. I am not going to share all the details but I will tell you that it takes pure genius and powers far beyond my capabilities to accomplish what God did…

11 years ago Sharon and I moved to the Pacific Northwest and as a seasoned professional in the soccer community I started refereeing soccer in the local area. This is where I met Tracy Kelly who was the treasurer of one of the leagues I served as a referee in. Tracy and her husband Alan became great friends of ours and they partook in some crazy adventures with us over the years. Their oldest daughter, Nicole, became our trusted babysitter in 2000. Through a series of events Nicole ended up moving to my home town of Youngstown, Ohio back in 2006. She is a paramedic and a wonderful gal.

This weekend I have to stop and say THANK YOU to Nicole for "doing her job". She was instrumental in a place and time where none of us could have influenced the situation.

BOTTOM LINE – God put in motion a story 11 years ago something that changed people's lives this weekend!

WOW…if you only knew the challenges between 1997 and today! How many times paths could have changed, people gave bad advice, road blocks appeared, and the situation looked bleak. And who could have imaged that being a referee in soccer would set in motion a chain of events that ended up saving someone's life?

I was reading several books and listening to a podcast today and here are some reflections:

  1. If you succeed at the wrong thing you failed
  2. People will criticize your choices but often can't grasp the bigger vision
  3. Don't be ordinary – be EXTRAordinary
  4. It's people who are willing to do the irresponsible thing that seems irrational who end up getting the responsible and amazing result
  5. Ask yourself – What makes you cry, what makes you pound your fist, what makes you smile = YOUR PASSION
  6. All too often we pick small dreams and accomplish them to fast – find big dreams and spend the rest of your life pursing them
  7. When you step out in faith God will bless it.



Anonymous said...

Amen. For the Lord is righteous and perfect in all his ways.

Chris Wood said... the wild goose!