Sunday, September 7, 2008

Quick Notes and Consistent Hurricanes

Just wanted to leave a few quick insights, catch-up on a busy weekend and mention a few points. I have not blogged for a week now and I think it facebook and twitter’s fault :-)

However, my folks (Karen and Bud Simon) are really starting to update their blog and fight now it is more important than ever. Gustav did not start in New Orleans, Hanna did not magically appear along the Carolina’s, and Ike didn’t rise up out of the Florida coast line. They all started somewhere off the western coast of Africa and headed west. One of their favorite ‘rest stops’ along the way has been the D.R. (Dominican Republic); my folks have been down there in full time ministry now for 4 years and while tropical storms and hurricanes are not new…this season has not really let up.

We are looking to put a team together and head down there in early 2009 (January or February)…in the meantime we are also looking at ways to help the support the work and efforts of those on the ground day after day.

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