Saturday, December 20, 2008

Billy...How the story began

I think history helps us understand how people will react, what has made them who they are today, and how things could potentially unfold. 

As part of an ongoing effort with Thomas Nelson Publishing, I am in the middle of another book review. Just wrapped up "Billy" by William Paul McKay and Ken Abraham. This fall in 2009 the movie will release...check out Billy: THE EARLY YEARS for the scoop!

I have read Preacher to the Presidents and other similar biographies that look at the impact and influence this man had on America's leaders but this is the first book that really looks at what and who had an influence on him. 

The book reveals relationships, trials, and struggles that I think we all face at different points in our life. What I found the most interesting is the roles that both Ruth Graham and Charles Templeton had on Billy Graham's journey. I also enjoyed reading more about his life in the market place as an employee and salesman prior to full time ministry. 

Great won't be disappointed. 


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madre~ said...

Billy....THIS is a great like we will never see again...until we are with HIM who is perfect!

I hope to read it before the movie!