Friday, December 26, 2008

Whirlwind tour for the holidays

Colorado, Arizona, and back again...

It was not my a matter of fact it is an unspoken rule not to travel after the 15th of December up through the New Year. 

But there I was heading to Fort Collins, Colorado to visit one of my mentors and his friends at Timberline. I had a wonderful time. When I arrived on Saturday morning it was in the 50's and the time I woke up on Sunday morning it was in the teens, dropping, and 6 inches of 
snow had arrived. Now I know why they ski so much in Colorado. 

To make the trip a little crazy I left the Denver Airport (after being delayed 4 hours) around 12:30am and arrived in Arizona at 3am. I never really went to sleep because I had to be out on the golf course for a 10am tee time. The sun came up and my body was not to happy to never have enough darkness to really get quality sleep. 

I hit the ball around a beautiful course, Starr Pass, in Tucson, AZ. This is a new and incredible resort in Arizona that is 20 minutes from the airport. As part of my day to day responsibilities at ATS, I stayed the rest 
of the week to attend meetings at the Intelligence Warfighter Summit

Thursday morning caught the plane to Phoenix and started my journey home to DC. 

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mom said...

Whirlwind explains it all. love the fotos of the cactus with the holes in it.