Thursday, February 12, 2009


Without turning this into a debate of whether or not parents should "count to 3" or not when waiting for children to follow an instruction or to obey, I will say that I count. I have always wanted my kids to know that: as they make choices about how to handle themselves, that there are time limits. Decision making nor it's repercussions will wait forever. This has always worked....until a few weeks ago; I have a 2-yr old for the first time in a while. Last week, I had given Sybella an instruction and she wasn't sure if she wanted to obey or not, after pausing for a second, I calmly said, "One." Sybella shocked me by replying, "two!" I busted out laughing! What do you say?!
The next day, a similar situation happened, except that Sybella's "two" was accompanied by giggles and a look like, "I am so smart." OH MY, the drama with a girl; so different than the boys! :)
Every once in a while, I forget that counting is not an effective tool for Sybella....she now will say, "two" and after waiting about 2 seconds, follows it with "three." Is this self-parenting or a sign of how the teenage years are going to be??
But be honest, she's cute!

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