Tuesday, May 19, 2009

David, Work, and Home

David is an Awesome Husband!
Right in the Midst of having a new baby, David started a new job. He was not looking for a new job, but the right job came along and we felt like, even in the middle of a major family transition, it was the time to move. Now, has that been easy? Of course not, it never is.
David had been at ATS for 3 years and although it was no secret that there were interpersonal challenges between David and one of executives, David had embraced the company, it's objectives, the customers, and the other executives. David's commitment was unwavering despite some major hurdles; we knew that God wanted him in that job and position for a season, even when there were times we would have rather left (and had job offers). But, staying meant on many occasions David had to Grow, Change, and even eat some Humble Pie! He did it, over and over again, he did it. I was truly proud to watch how he handled the entire last year! Is he perfect? No. Was it sometimes his fault? Yes. But David showed maturity of character, Christ-Like forgiveness, patience, grace, and mercy. Even in his departure, he persevered to finish strong and leave with grace instead of on the attack. His care for the other executives and the employees remains strong. We made some friends at ATS that we hope last!
Thanks to our small group for praying for us thru the hard times, the difficult decision to leave, & the BUSY transition (David went back to work when Cooper was 4 days old).
Thanks to Carey for being an awesome mediating middle man! There were many times that you kept us afloat.
Thanks to Jeff, Lacy, Dave, Dave, John, Bryan, and others who have become friends; may our friendship LAST!
So, back to the new job: it's a challenge, it's invigorating, it has a healthy "steep hill" to climb, and it was a great move. How do I know you ask? Because I watch my husband, I know him, and I am Thrilled to see him exhilarated to go to work again. I haven't seen that in a while and even with the long hours and adjustment, I am happy for him!
Another thing, is that when you enjoy going to work and giving it everything you have every day, you can be with your family during family time and NOT be distracted.
David is a great dad, a great husband, and our family time has been very special lately.

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