Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Field Trip Fun

Today, I took Sybella and Cooper to Van Dyke Park. Connor's class had a field trip this morning and stopped at the park to enjoy their lunch and recess before going back to school. Parents and siblings were invited to join them.
We made the trek over to the park (since it's less than a mile from our house).
The skateboarding park is also located here so we got to watch some skateboarders (a big hit with Sybella and the 2nd graders).
I took some pictures of the kids: having lunch, Connor helping Sybella out with the Monkey Bars, Sybella driving the fire truck, Connor playing with a group of his classmates, and then Hugs "Good-Bye." Sybella had fun. Cooper ate and then slept through the whole thing. And Connor was thrilled and surprised that we joined him!
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