Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CCH Sharks Swim Team

This year our family joined the local pool; we weren’t able to do this when we lived in Vienna because there was a waiting list for memberships. We joined Country Club Hills Pool. One of the exciting opportunities that comes with being a pool member, is that the kids had the option of joining the swim team. I swam on a team for 2 years when I was a kid and it is an experience I wouldn’t trade. Colin did not want to join the team (I understand, he would have been swimming with kids in their 5th year of competitive swimming) but Connor was interested immediately.
The CCH Sharks is a great team and they have an Awesome coaching staff. Coach Scott is the head coach; he is knowledgeable, has a great manner with the kids and parents, he keeps the focus on team spirit and learning first, and he teaches the kids about how they should conduct themselves while still competing to the best of their ability. Coach Katherine is the assistant coach and does a great job as well.

On June 15th, the CCH Sharks had their First Meet of the season. It was a “Developmental Meet” which gives all of the kids a chance to participate. During regular meets, only the top 3 swimmers get to compete—which will often leave out the new kids. At a developmental meet, each child can compete in 2 events and has the opportunity to swim for improved times, experience, and feedback on their stroke style. Connor swam the backstroke and breaststroke at this meet. He did awesome!
He has a great backstroke and a fast breaststroke (the hardest stroke technically). He will continue to work on form through the season which will invariably increase his speed as well. Above all, he had FUN. One of his good friends Will also swims on the team so they have fun no matter what.

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