Sunday, June 14, 2009

Travel Soccer Team

We got the invitation this morning for Connor to join the Vienna Boys Rising U-9 Travel Soccer Pool. There will be 4 teams of U-9 Boys and we do not yet have a team assignment but we have accepted the invitation and will begin our travel soccer journey in August. Travel soccer is designed to be a developmental program and more competitive than Recreational or House League Soccer. There are try-outs that a player must go thru to join a team.
CONGRATULATIONS to Connor for making it through 3 rounds of try-outs. Approximately 40 boys were selected and approximately 75 tried out.
This is a great opportunity for Connor as they schedule 2 practices a week and one of those practices is run by Brazilian Trainers who can help improve the boys’ skills.
Colin did not choose to try out as he spends the fall playing American Football.

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