Thursday, July 2, 2009

Missions Team Reunion

David and I led a Missions Team to the Dominican Republic earlier this year. Our team tries to get together every couple of months to hang out and stay connected. Since Katie McFaddin, one of our teammates, is embarking on an 11-month missions project in August, we wanted to get together one more time and hang out before her departure. So, off to Baltimore and an Orioles Game we went! Dana was thrilled, as she lives in Baltimore and for once, she didn't have to drive to us. :) We missed not having Carol with us, but hopefully she can make it next time.

We sat in the first row in the upper deck, on the First Base Line. The boys got excited about several Pop-Fly Foul Balls but needed to be a few seats further down to have a chance to catch one of the balls that came our direction. Oh well, maybe next time!

***If you click on this picture, you can enlarge for a better view, note that Chad is holding Cooper and if I do say so, Chad did a great job --- he held Cooper for most of the game!

We took all the boys with us to the game even though only Colin went on the Missions Trip. It's not that we don't think Sybella would have enjoyed herself, but it was an afternoon game right in the middle of nap time, naps are important when you are 2 1/2, so we left Sybella with her Granda.

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