Sunday, January 3, 2010


I keep saying that I am going to get back on my blogging kick and give a shout out to the books I have been reading. Unfortunately, I have been doing a lot of writing for work and my writing for pleasure (not that work isn't a pleasure) has diminished to non-existent...

In 2009 I had some great reads that included:
1. Fearless
2. Me, Myself, and Bob
3. Collapse of Distinction
4. Billy
5. The Shack

Some of these have been posted to the blog-O-sphere but I owe a posting to Max Lucado and his release of FEARLESS.

The book had some great thoughts and gave some insight as to what motivates people and what drives people to fear.

The biggest take away for me was how to help people work through their fear and the stories that give you practical examples of real people that needed to work out issues of fear. Whether you live in fear or are surrounded by others with fear, Max presents a book that is easy and fast to read that leaves you with great take aways.


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