Thursday, November 11, 2010


Ni Hao Y'all

The Christmas Spirit of giving is already underway- check out this awesome giveaway and get more information or inspiration about adoption.
Adoption is something that is often on my heart. Many of our friends are parents thru adoption and we even had the blessed opportunity about one year ago to share a trip to Korea as our friends brought home their precious boy. It is as touching to me today as any birth I have attended as a Labor and Delivery nurse!
This past Sunday was Orphan Sunday and I am so proud that churches and organizations all over the country are bringing awareness to the needs of orphans and foster children. In DC alone, there are 4000 orphans.
If you have never thought about adoption or foster care, I would encourage you to think about it in this upcoming holiday season....even if you are not prepared to adopt or foster at this time (or ever), there are things you can do for those in the journey, the kids affected, and the workers who tirelessly serve them. Look for an opportunity to serve or give this year-- the blessing returned to you will be great!

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