Monday, December 24, 2007

Hurried, Heart Felt, Humbled, or Hurt

If 4 people witness a car accident you will get four different renditions of the facts. The Christmas season is one of those times of the year that if you ask 4 people about the holiday you will get three different responses (or more)...Hurried, Heart Felt, Humbled, or Hurt.

Hurried - Are you one of the last minute hurried shoppers? The whole season starts in a mad dash on Black Friday or worse yet it doesn't happen at all because of work until Christmas Eve.

Heart Felt - The big family gatherings or quiet intimate moments with the immediate family.

Humbled - A season of thankfulness and joy for all the blessing over the past year.

Hurt - We realize that the holidays can stir up emotions and tension with the family.

There are probably other ways to describe the holidays and maybe you experience more than one. We were 80% done before Thanksgiving and the remaining items are really the harder ones. This is really a result of Sharon's organizational skills (I tend to be the hurried shopper). I think the best gifts we give are these last ones we work on because they are truly heart felt, personalized gifts like the albums with a voice recording narration done by the kids, Sharon, and I for each photo.

No matter what you are experiencing this Christmas...take time to experience being humbled by how awesome life is and what amazing things have happened.

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