Saturday, December 15, 2007

ATS - DC Christmas

Every company has a humble beginning, an owner's vision, and the rest is history. ATS was founded in the early 80's by Rick Leenstra in Silverdale, WA (Seattle Area). In 2006 I joined the Executive Team of ATS as the Director of Business Development. We were 17 strong and Lacy was our only employee in DC. Lacy is the one in the background with glasses and a big smile!
This month as we enjoy the holiday season and a blessed 2007 we are 65 strong and we held our first annual ATS - DC Christmas Part at i Ricchi. Just a quick thank you to Dave Mather, Lacy Dove, and Maresia Johnson for helping make this year special.

A thank you to the Board of ATS for allowing Sharon & I the opportunity to join the team and a thank you to the management and employees of ATS that have made this year so incredible!


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