Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 Minutes with Willie

I got this text page today asking me, "What's for dinner?". 

Then I realized it was from a very close friend who lives in Springfield, Missouri. Turns out he was coming through town for work and I told him that if he was ever close by, he needed to call. 

There are some people who, when you meet them; in 10 minutes you can catch up on a life time and feel instantly close to. Willie is one of those guys. 

He towers over me, could bench press me, and yet he is the most humble and sociable guys you could ever meet. He started his own company over a year ago and we spent time talking about the future, business, life, and family. I have known Willie since 2002 and while I have met his family several times...he has never met mine. I was so thrilled to introduce my kids to this closest of friends.  

I did not tell Connor what kind of company Willie owns so when we walked down the street to meet him and Willie is driving this massive semi-truck...Connor was in heaven! He was so excited and this is what I love about Willie...He immediately introduced himself to Connor and just started loving on him. Willie gets it! He has such a heart for people and I totally respect his unwavering ethics and decisions to be with his family on the weekends. He said tonight, "Saturday is family day and Sunday is the Lord's Day"...I know he means it, lives it out, models it for his kids, and God is and will continue to bless him for his commitment to his convictions. 

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Mindy said...

David thank you for capturing the heart of my husband perfectly. I am so thankful to know that when he is on the road he is being taken care of. He is amazing and i am glad someone else has realized it. Hopefully one day i can make it up there also. Congratulations on a new bundle and may you have many more 7 is heaven. lol love ya Mindy