Monday, March 16, 2009

Sharon & Cooper's Baby Shower

What a blessing! Saturday at 2pm, my wonderful friends, Shauna and Anna, hosted a beautiful baby shower for Cooper and I. I can't tell you how much it warms my heart to have such loving friends. David and I have only been living in Virginia for 18 months and if anyone who has known me for a while is reading this, you know how hard it is for me to make friends. I have always had lots of acquantances, but it has always taken me a long time to develop true friendships. Moving to DC was no different, in fact, it could've been harder. This is the center of all things closed, political and click-ish, which can easily make you feel like an outsider and make it difficult to establish trusting relationships. But God has been faithful in this move and I have awesome friends!!
So, back to the baby shower: my sister-in-law, Kristin, was able to drive in from Ohio along with her mom Debbie and her sister Amy (who David has known for most of his life). My mom was of course here and my godmother and name-sake, Sharon Perry was also in attendance. In addition, friends new and old whom David and I have met were able to attend along with others from church, from the military, and from our recent mission trip. Shauna and Anna created a beautiful event. The food was awesome. The atmosphere was special. The "activities" were creative and unique. They had the guests shape "babies" out of play-do and had me judge whose was the best. They created an ABC book for Cooper which we will read with him often, where each lady did a letter of the alphabet. They had all the guests sign a Pig "Piggy Bank" for Cooper instead of a guestbook. It is ADORABLE and what a cool, tangable memory for us to be able to look at daily. I just don't have words to describe how touched I am, thank-you seems so inadequate but it will have to do for now, so, THANK-YOU ladies.

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The women in the group picture are:
Front left---Laura Blackann, Lindsey Braley, and Anna Martin
Main Row (left to right)---Glenda McMath, Dana Frisillo, Katie McFaddin, Me, Kristin Simon, Debbie Havaich, Susan McDermitt, Jessica Powers, and Lambeth Evans
Back Right (left to right)---Shauna Oswald, Jenny Herald, Stefanie Chappell, and just in front of them---Sharon Perry and Bettie St.Clair
Not Pictured: Gwen Graber, Jenni Graber, and Amy Havaich who had to leave early

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