Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Computer

Two weeks ago I was sitting at my computer updating Microsoft Money and my computer went black. No Power. My computer is about 15 months old, so this was absolutely unexpected.
What now? After trouble-shooting several things and consulting 2 computer-saavy people we know, we decided to remove and back-up the hard-drive (ok, 'we' being Dave Mather, one of the guys that works with David) and then take the computer to Micro Center for a repair that we hoped would not be expensive. We were pretty sure from our consultations with our computer-saavy friends that it was the Logic Center on the Mother Board. So, David took it in and explained our suspicians. The local service department told us after their 'mandetory' diagnostic exam that, "the power could not be turned on at all" (Duh- we knew this, that's why we brought it in) so, the computer would have to be "sent out" to the service center and would "take a while."
Well, long story short, I have been LOST for 2 weeks. I am dependent on my computer for so much! Even with my iPhone which kept me afloat, I was not nearly as organized or functional as I usually am. But, tonight, I have my computer back. It's fixed!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to get back into motion in my 'cutomary' manner!
Thanks to everyone who needed or wanted projects, information, or e-mail from me and was very patient over the last two weeks.

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