Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shack Attack!

I am not much for fiction...I do enjoy an occasional read to break up all the other books. So when this one was recommended to me I did not jump on it. Then I had the opportunity to hear Paul speak at Catalyst and decided to grab The Shack and find out what the 'hub bub' was all about.

What a great read. I stopped several times throughout the book to stop and really think about the ideas, concepts, and images he was describing. I loved everything about the book.

Don't read it on the plane (like I did) or you'll find yourself trying to explain how the elevation always makes your eyes water. There are some pretty rough moments in the book, "the great sadness" as the author calls it. As a parent, I found myself a little more paranoid for a while after reading parts of this.

The first 5 chapters are slow but absolutely necessary to build the background of the story line and make it all come together. I love how Paul Young stretches the readers mind to a whole new playing field.

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