Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take your Child to Work Day

Until yesterday, we didn't know that today was Take Your Child to Work Day. It was a little late to pull the boys out of school and organize a day at work. Sybella is a bit young and has too short an attention span to spend the day at Dad's work [and she is with Mom at work every day :) ]
But, I decided that 10 minutes at work might be do-able. After running some errands, I took Sybella to David's office to see some of the people and to "play" with answering the phone.
I think that both her and David enjoyed it.

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Jeff, Anna, Grace & Lilia said...

Bummer. We missed this, too! Jeff found out the day of, and it was too late to pull together. Great that you got to take Sybella even if for a short while...She looks like she enjoyed it!