Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pyramid Art Show

Fairfax High School had their Pyramid Art Show on March 23rd. It's an opportunity for students to showcase a portfolio of work. I will say, I was impressed. Art was NEVER my forte. I love art, I was just never any good at it myself. The portfolios that the high school students had looked professional; every kind of media you can imagine was put to use. The perspectives and point of views including the "green" projects and quality social messages reminded me that high school student are beginning to think like adults (despite the crazy hormones).

Since we don't have a high school student yet, we wouldn't have even known about this fabulous art show had our 6th grader not been invited to participate! Yes, you heard me correctly, our 6th grader was invited to submit a drawing to display at the art show. In what I would say is a community event (disguising a very smooth marketing strategy), the high school invites all the elementary and middle schools to bring a collection of pieces. It increases art awareness and encourages the students to continue taking art classes as they rise to the next school. Colin's elementary school selected 6 pieces to display at the art show and his was one of them! Congratulations Colin!
The whole family went to the art show and proudly supported Colin in his debut as an artist! It was a blast.

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Tara said...

Oh my goodness! Look at your kids! The boys are looking totally different and little Sybella up and turned into a little girl (versus toddler) on me! We so don't see you guys often enough.

Huge hugs to you mama,