Friday, April 9, 2010

The Year of the Marathon

David and I have recently decided that we need to start picking something from our 'Bucket Lists' to focus on each year. I know, we have 4 kids and therefore VERY little free time, but if I don't want the bucket to be overflowing in 30 years, I need to find time to do some of them. Consequently, this year is going to be the Year of the Marathon!
I have wanted to run a marathon since my early 20s. I have run a half-marathon and several other medium length races but never a marathon. I started training once about 6 or 7 years ago and had an injury that put a stop to that. And, before I knew it 2 more kids and a few more years had come and gone. But the marathon fever is still there- and if Oprah can do it, I am SURE I can (of course I won't have a coach, a chef, an assistant, a staff, and I do have 4 kids...). Right?!
I started looking at marathon options in December and trying to decide which one I would run. I don't like running in the cold or rain, so I was hesitant to consider anything here in DC. When I started looking at warmer destinations, I immediately thought of San Diego and Hawaii. I turned 35 a few weeks ago and since 35 is a milestone year of sorts, I strongly considered running in Honolulu since I was born there. It could be great fun and definitely cool to tie such a significant accomplishment to my birthplace. Unfortunately, David informed me that the dates conflicted with one of his biggest projects of the year- I didn't want to go without him and the kids and I also don't want to put this off any longer- 26.2 miles isn't gonna get easier as my body gets older.
I decided ultimately that it was more important to have my friends and family around than to have great weather so on Wednesday, I registered for the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon which will be on Sunday, October 31st. Guess what, when I checked the website, I discovered that this is the 35th Anniversary of the Marine Corps Marathon---so we'll commemorate our 35 years together. I Like it!
Now, if I could just make time to go get my new running shoes and if I could figure out a way to have my kids enjoy 2 hours in the double jogger, the training plan would be easy (ok not easy, but easier). That might not happen soon, in the meantime, me and the treadmill have regular dates!

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LPeterson said...

love it sharon!! we should do a shorter race sometime!