Saturday, March 22, 2008

The 3 D's for 2 C's

The 3 D's:
Direction, Delayed Gratification, and Dirt bikes

The 2 C's:
Colin & Connor

Some time ago we were walking through Toys-R-Us and saw these motorbikes. Of course the boys immediately wanted one. While I thought it would be cool to buy them one, Sharon had an idea and we agreed this would be a great opportunity to teach some key life lessons. We made a deal with the boys we would match them dollar for dollar if they would save there money and practice delayed gratification.

Direction - We set a goal with them and helped them establish a plan to accomplish that goal.

Delayed Gratification - We gave them their allowance that they earned based on a weekly plan to participate in work that needed done around the house. So in October of last year we started this journey and now 6 months later they have achieved their goal...a Dirt Bike!

At the end of the week they had to tithe 10%, 20% to savings, and then determine what they would do with the remaining 70%. That's right, we did not make them save it and when we went to a coffee shop and they wanted a hot chocolate...guess who paid? Yes, we made them buy their own hot chocolate. We went to the movies and guess who bought the candy and soda? Yep...they did. It is amazing to watch them prioritize and what they decide to spend money on.

Cruel? Unusual? Maybe...

Effective? Definitely!

The 3rd D - DIRT BIKE...check it out!

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