Friday, March 14, 2008

Where did it go?

Where did the 11th week of 2008 go?

I just looked up at 1:40pm and realized I am just coming up for air. I didn't even stop for lunch today which is why I am stopping in the work day to blog...I NEEDED A BREAK. I think one of the most effective ways to be more productive is to PAUSE. It use to freak me out and I wanted to go, go, go...but all that did was lead to burn out, frustration, and often times strained relationships at home and work.

I am blown away at ALL of the areas God is challenging me to grown in (work, vision, faith, family, mission, finances, mentorship, relationship...just to name a few). I feel really good about the 'margins' I have and my choices of when to pause...even with the overwhelming stress I feel day to day in the market place. I firmly believe that my ability to close my eyes at night and know that I AM RIGHT WHERE GOD wants me is because:

1. Of a choice to rest - The single biggest one is my recent choice to really place emphasis on 'remembering the Sabbath' and having that day of rest (this one guidepost is a critical element to maintaining my margins)

2. An amazing women in my life (Sharon) who encourages me and loves me despite my bone-headed decisions sometimes

3. A mentor who is reminds me of what I am called to and keeps me grounded

4. Some amazing friends and leaders at NCC who I don't think realize how big a part they are playing in God's vision for the Simon's...


~ David

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