Monday, March 17, 2008


By: Sharon

Saturday morning, David was going to get a haircut. Since we had family pictures on Sunday, I asked him to take the boys so that they could get haircuts too. Then, since I was getting ready for a baby shower that I was hosting Saturday afternoon, it was decided that Sybella would go with the boys to tag-along.
....Apparently, the "tag-along" part was not UNDERSTOOD.

Stop laughing!

So as you've guessed, Dad decided that Sybella needed to get a haircut too. Of course she should also look her best for family pictures! Sybella had her bangs trimmed and had the back "cleaned- up" according to dad (cleaned-up is apparently synonymous with cut-shorter).

I must admit that the cut is cute and Dad was right, she needed it. That being said, it's a little weird to have dad in charge of things like Sybella's first haircut. I have always done those things. But, even as it feels weird, Dad did a good job, which is no surprise for me. Also, Ladies, aren't we always the ones wishing that our husbands could: help out, pick up the slack, give us a short break, or take on a family job without us planning it from start to finish?? I must brag on David to say that as much as possible he does those things and does them well, even a little girl's first haircut!

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