Thursday, March 20, 2008


I am the first to admit that since I entered the work force a while ago that there have been occasions where after lunch I was dragging and wanted to take a nap. Today around 11am I was walking by an office and the guy was face planted on his desk! The door was wide open and he wasn't hiding his sleep issue from anyone. This is not his picture...I did not have a camera with me and secondly I would not post his face on the internet and create a difficult situation for the guy.

It's been another busy day and I am getting ready to leave the office and head off to one more meeting before driving home. Napping is great (on the weekends) as a matter of fact I love to nap! But, I have this fundamental problem with napping on the job. Just struck me a funny and kind of crazy so I thought I would post something on the blog.

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