Friday, May 2, 2008


Heading to New Jersey for the day. I love driving around DC early in the morning before the traffic gets crazy. This was at 6am and is one of my most favorite views in all of DC...

I have seen this view of the Capital on so many movies and there is something about this particular angle and street leading up to the Capital that really gets me. I love so many things about DC and there are great museums, parks, and monuments...but every time I drive down Constitution Ave., I get a little smile on my face.

I was able to stop by the largest coffee shop in the District...Ebenezers...and ran into Mark Batterson. We had a great conversation. Then I walked around the corner and caught the train at Union Station heading north to Jersey. I love riding the is my most favorite form of transportation.

Let's see...I guess the title 'NJ' is all should be 'favorites':

1. Favorite time to drive in DC

2. Favorite view

3. Favorite coffeeshop

4. Favorite form of transportation



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Sharon Simon said...

You forgot your MOST Favorite thing in the WORLD....Your Wife ;-)