Saturday, May 24, 2008


Used a big chunk of the 10 hours in the air to digest Andy Stanley’s book, “Visioneering” and what was left I finished up during the start of vacation. Stanley takes the historical story of King Artaxerxes and his servant Nehemiah to draw life lessons on why vision is important, how to set vision, how to respond to challenges, and staying focused.

My biggest take away is the following quote, “The most significant visions are not cast by great orators from stage. They are cast at the beside of our children…My most significant vision casting takes place on my knees with my face twelve inches away from the face of my children.”


Some other quick highlights on this excellent book:

  1. Vision begins as a concern
  2. Don’t Get distracted
  3. Anyone can be a critic, everyone can come up with solutions because it does not take anything special to have a good idea, but it takes a visionary to generate results.
  4. Vision requires constant attention…one individual has to be willing to pick-up the vision and be the person who will deliver.
  5. Leaders who have success in vision casting share at least these three traits: A Peaceful Spirit, Healthy Relationships, and Character
  6. To be an effective leader you have to engage people’s heart and tie it to the vision.

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