Thursday, May 8, 2008


What is a V.W.I.P?

It's a VIP with a VW (Volkswagon ) Twist. Volkswagon is the new sponsor for the DC United Soccer Team.
Last night I got an e-mail from Volkswagon. I almost didn' t read it because I thought it was just our service reminder. But, to my surprise, it was an e-mail making sure that all the VW owners in the area knew about the new partnership with the Team. It also announced that all VW owners could go to ticketmaster on-line and receive 4 complimentary tickets to tonight's DC United game against the Chicago Fire. Not only that, but if you drive your VW to the game, you will get to park for FREE. And, for the rest of the season, the first 50 VW vehicles into the lot get free parking! So, we are definately V.W.I.P.s!! Barring thunder and lightning, we will be at the game tonight.
See you on the Pitch!

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Jess said...

Lucky fellas!!
We saw the game and the new jerseys on TV. Kevin told me about the 'park for free' deal. Pretty nice!!! Congrats!