Sunday, June 15, 2008

Boston or Bust!

It was a little crazy getting out of DC this afternoon. Part of the problem could have been that I went to the wrong airport! That's right...I showed up at Dulles and realized my flight was out of Reagan National - ooops. Sharon is such a great wife, she drove me into the District and I was there 90 minutes early. The only problem was - NO PLANE! After waiting 5 hours I decided to jump on US Airway and get to Boston despite American Airline's missing plane (the plane wasn't missing...a bird flew into the exhaust and the delayed the flight). The fact is that flight never departed.

Leadership lesson - when the dream is big enough...the facts don't count! I could have gone back home and given up but I wasn't going to let the airline stand in my way and deny me the goal.

I arrived late into Boston and forgot what it is like to ride in a taxi between East Boston (Logan International Airport) and the city. Tunnels, tunnels, to get under that water to get there. Boston is such a great city and the spirits are high as the town is buzzing with NBA Finals excitement. After getting checked in, I headed over to the local steak house to grab some food and hang out with the locals to cheer on the Celtics!

There is nothing like hanging out with die hard, committed fans! I love that people get so excited and passionate (not much for the face or body painting) but despite the loss I think everyone was still in a really good mood since that means the Celtics come back here to Boston on Tuesday night for the big game.

Who are you cheering for?


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