Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Food Drive Finale

Instead of a gift for Father's Day, Colin and Connor decided to Honor their dad by demonstrating the love and service to others that he has taught them. (See post on Service Project Update)

On Father's Day, the boys were invited to Chesterbrook United Methodist Church to make a presentation of all the food and donations that they collected for the Food Bank. During the announcements they had the opportunity to briefly explain that by going door-to-door and sending e-mails that they had collected:
~ 16 filled bags of groceries and $150.00 for the local SHARE food bank
as well as,
~ $275.00 collected for a local Washington State Food Bank because of their e-mails.

The kids FAR EXCEEDED their goal to collect 20 bags or approximatey $400-$500 dollars. Essentially their efforts, almost doubled their goal. Great Job!

We are so proud of the care and concern that they have for others, it will certainly bless and enhance their lives!

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