Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Things are heating up in DC!

By Tuesday, June 10th at 11am...I am officially overheating. Not the car...me! WOW, I have lived in the California Desert and Southern Arizona but when you add that Northern Virginia Humidity, there is nothing like it. Way to hot and praying for cooler weather.

This week I want to celebrate Willis Haviland Carrier...the Father of 'AC'. Did you know that he invented the air conditioner in 1902 and that AC for non-industrial use (aka your home) did not come around until 1928? They called it the residential "Weathermaker". If his name looks and sounds familiar, it is because his family is still making Air Conditioner's today.

While digging into history I actually found an discrepancy. David Crosthwait lived at the same time and may have actually been the first two 'invent' AC...but Willis filed the patent earlier and so the Carrier family gets the credit.

Either way, they are heros in my book!

I also like Carrier's quote, "I fish only for edible fish, and hunt only for edible game even in the laboratory." I had to think about it but I frequently see people just doing a job, or building technology for technology's sake, or just plain old being busy (esspecially in DC). I think Carrier was trying to remind us that we are here for a purpose and we need to engage in productive activities while we are here. It is not enough to be busy...so to are the ants. We need to find things of passion that stir us and pour our energy into those things.



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