Monday, August 11, 2008


Can I just say, "I hate email". Why can't we do all our work and communication through facebook? Am I crazy? I have spent the last three weeks since I came back from Myrtle Beach trying to get out from underneath all the email and today at 8:52am it happened!
There was no email in my Inbox for a whole 2 minutes!

My dream is to be able to communicate with everyone via one medium. You want to make a million dollars? Figure out how people can blog, email, and communicate about business, life, and family all in one spot. Obviously there are some security hurdles there but man it would be great to completely get rid of email! Someone would ask me, "What's your email?" and I would reply, "Don't have'll have to catch me on the super duper million dollar idea sight."

You would think with all the technology out there: facebook, twitter, ovvoo, digg, etc.

Ok Ok Ok

Maybe a little far fetched and silly...but I can dream can't I?


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