Monday, August 18, 2008

Wild Goose Chase Blog Tour

I was selected to participate in the Wild Goose Chase Pre-Release Blog Tour. I received a copy of the book in advance to review (release date: Aug 19). Exciting!!

The short review is: AWESOME STUFF!

For those more accustomed to a actual book review, here goes:

With great anticipation I read Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson. Following his phenomenal writing for In a Pit with a Lion, my expectations were high. Mark did not disappoint. Wild Goose Chase which challenges readers to embrace passion in pursuing their relationship with God delivers its message on-point and in a reader-friendly way, never is there an air of preachiness or condescension. This is just a guy who lives the adventure in a human way sharing the journey with others. Mark’s ability to tell a story captivates readers. He uses many examples and people (names kept the same in order to reveal their identities) to show successes in living a life of pursuing God by the lead of the Holy Spirit or the ‘Wild Goose.’ Reading this book gives insight to the things and emotions that can hold us back. Mark is not ashamed to talk about fear, guilt, being too comfortable, grace, and forgiveness. Each person who dares to read this book will find a place to be challenged for growth in their relationship with Christ. I hear the message about “Loving people when they least deserve it or expect it” ringing in my head. And I am glad to say that I acted on it today. Mark’s priority comes through loud and clear and that is: not to have readers know “more” but to inspire readers to live their adventure by choosing action courageously.

Read this Book then share it with a friend!

On that note, I have a FREE copy to give away. The first person to leave a comment on this post gets it. Good Luck!
**If you would like to purchase the book now, try here.


Eric Scott said...

Hi Sharon,
This was a nice way to add another book to your 50 in 52 quest. It sounds like a very good read.

Sharon Simon said...

Congrats Eric! You win the book. I will get it in the mail to you TODAY. :)

Anonymous said...

You can't beat out people who are online after 1:00 am!!!!! Enjoy!

David Simon said...

I think he had an unfair head start since he was in Seattle and it was more like 10pm...

Thanks for leaving the comments. The book is great. It is like getting 5 hours of one on one time with Mark.

David Simon said...

If you are really looking for a copy I would google "Wild Goose Batterson" and you will get several blog postings and maybe one of them has not given their copy away yet.