Monday, August 4, 2008

Packing for the Move

For anyone who hasn't heard yet, we have completed the home inspection for the townhouse that we are buying. We are planning to complete the closing process around Sept 17, 2008. We will plan to try to have the house and carpets cleaned as well as paint 2 of the rooms in the first few days. Then, we will MOVE. We can't wait!
The House is in Fairfax. It's a beautiful and charming historic downtown area. We are 2 blocks away from Main Street and look forward to strolling through downtown.

I have started packing. 14 boxes down and MANY more to go. :) 90 maybe??
Many things I won't be able to pack until we get closer to the move but I figure anything that can be packed now (ie: anything we won't use in the next 6 weeks) should be out of the way.
**The pictures above we taken about a year ago. The tenants graciously passed them on to us.


The Oswalds said...

So happy for you guys! The house looks beautiful!

Phillip said...

The place looks beautiful. So happy for you guys! Let me know what I can do to help.