Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catalyst Nuggets and the Leadership Challenge

Can I just say that I was stretched (Sharon will admit she was too).  3 Days (Pre-Conference Labs and a 2-day Conference). I got my money's worth during the labs. I loved the personal setting and being able to engage top leaders from around the country face to face. When Reggie Joiner, Founder & CEO of Re-Think, was speaking there were times where he was staring right at me. 

Day 1 of the conference was overwhelming and actually left me emotionally drained! Sharon and I had the opportunity to hang out with the leadership of NCC and really engage with such great people! What amazing young leaders who are going to be used by God in awesome ways over the coming years. 

While this can not possibly capture the entire are some nuggets:

1. Grace and mercy is demonstrated when you provide clarity to your employees

2. When we make decisions in fear we almost always make bad decisions

3. True innovation and creativity starts with a Creative Circle of 2 to 4 people. When the right people in a creative circle come together, YOU can move the impossible into the realm of possible. Every leader who wants to stretch themselves should build a "Personal Board of Directors" and allow those people to speak into your life and provide input.

4. If you want to be really passionate, influence culture, and achieve the impossible; you are going to have to be broken to your core and gain clarity and focus. Become a HERETIC!

5. Structure you organization for growth not control.

6. To reach people no one else is reaching; we must do things no one else is doing

7. The next generation products and ideas will not come from the last generation

- Focus by Al Ries (marketing book)

- It takes the last generation leadership to clear the space, lend the resources, provide them margin to grow, champion the next generation. The next generation MUST create and the last generation MUST encourage and support.

- Be a student not a critic

8. Edification of your tribe…set a vision with your leadership and hold on to it. Re-visit the vision and mission frequently, keep an amazing level of humility as you achieve success, always stop to recognize the core of the tribe who played supporting roles. Simply…Edification, duplication, association.

9.  Organizations all too often are slow to upgrade or change systems and process because:

- It is costly

- It takes time and/or

- It is so hard

10. If you want something ‘built to last’ you have to be willing to change the very thing you are building. Steve Jobs and his team at Apple to get from 1985 ‘Mac Plus’ to 2008 ‘Mac Air’ made 10 complete operating system changes, over 80 major upgrades, and went through more than 60 platforms…all in 20 years!

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