Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tax Return

If you filed an tax extension back in April, today is the last day to file a tax return. Now, if you normally procrastinate, as long as you are SURE that you are getting a refund, you could actually wait a while longer and still be fine. But, if you want to collect your Economic Stimulus Package check, you must file your taxes today.

Why do I know all this? I got a friendly reminder on the news this morning and just got off the phone with my accountant; he will be e-filing for me in the next hour or so.....thank you Doug!

Most times, I plan ahead, organize too much, and get stuff done right away but occasionally (particularly with taxes) I work under the "adrenaline rush," wait until the last 24 hours kind of pressure. Thankfully, my accountant is understanding and I am organized enough and technically proficient enough to still get him everything he needs even from 3000 miles away.

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Eric Scott said...

Hi Sharon, I just beat the deadline, too. Although I was later than you! It helps when you do your own! I made it with about an hour to spare. :-) Eric