Sunday, October 26, 2008


Colin’s football team WON today and has made it to the playoffs. GO WARHAWKS!!
They will be playing Braddock Road TOMORROW night at 8pm under the bright lights at Water’s Field.
If anyone would like to attend, you are welcome. [Water’s Field is just off Maple Ave on Church Street in Vienna, VA]

We enter the playoffs with slightly mixed emotions. We are absolutely excited for Colin, the other players, and the coaches, who have worked so hard this season. But, as first year 'football parents' who had NO idea the commitment we were getting in to when we signed up for football, we were secretly ready for the season to be over. We have had practices 3-5 days a week since August 1st, plus a game a week, several scrimmages, fundraising 'booster' days, raffle tickets, pictures, working in the Snack Bar, Chain Gang duty (moving the first down chains), and various other 'responsibilities.' Did I mention learning how to put pads in football pants and WASHING those stinky clothes? :)

Seriously though, we are super-excited for the Warhawks and as Sybella says, "YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

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