Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Update for "50 in 52"

Having followed the updates here on the blog and on Shelfari, several people have inquired recently as to how my reading was going. I usually do an update about every three months based on my progress checkpoints. The next "checkpoint" for my quest to read 50 books in 52 weeks was on Sept 30th. I am just late on posting a blog update. I had set the goal to have read 40 of the books by Sept 30. I did in fact have 40 books finished by that date; I finished number 40 on 9-29-08 in fact, just in time.

The next checkpoint is December 14, one month away. I am scheduled to have all 50 books done by then. Unfortunately, I have done almost no reading since we moved. I will have #42 finished today or tomorrow and I am reading 3 others right now as well. But, that still means I need to start and finish 5 more books before Dec 14....one month from now. I can do it! I know I can, but it is going to take some planning and prioritizing!

I'll let you know how it goes.


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