Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some September Sybella Stuff

There are 2 pictures of Sybella from September '08 that I just couldn't pass up for a posting. I know that they are late but they are cute.

Three or four days after we moved into the new house, I heard Sybella call out "Mommy" from the other room. She normally calls me "Mom" so I knew something was a little different. I said, "Yes Sybella, what do you need?" (I was putting something away in my closet and she was about 25 feet away in her room or so I thought.)
The next thing I heard was "Mommmmy................... Mommmmy............. Mommmmy......Mommmmy...Mommmmy" is an increasing speed and increasing whine. I, of course, went running. Sybella stopped calling (I think because she knew I was coming.) Sybella was not in her room, she was not in Connor's room, she was not in the bathroom. So, at this point, I am calling for Sybella! I then hear a whimper from the hall closet. Opening the door, I find a young lady who has shut herself in the closet and now in the dark, can't figure out how to get herself out.
The quality isn't great but this is the picture I manged to capture:

And this is a picture of Sybella in Dad's arms. How Cute!!

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