Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cooper's Burn

DISCLAIMER: The pictures contained in this blog/note may take a minute to download and they are GRAPHIC. Please do not show to children. This photos were taken the day after the incident.

Many of you know that on Jan 9th, we were out to dinner and Cooper, our baby was burned by scalding coffee spilled by the waiter in a restaurant. Praise God, he is doing much better! He had first degree burns over his entire foot and 2nd degree burns/blisters on each of his toes. I (Sharon) also had a 12in by 5in first degree burn to my leg (through my corduroy pants -- which gives you some indication of how hot the coffee was).
I have taken a long time to decide whether to post this or not, but our blog serves as a "family history" of sorts and this was definitely a significant event in our lives. I have never seen one of our kids in pain like this before. They have had many injuries and even knocked teeth out, but when the injury occurs, it's over quick. Burns just keep on hurting (even thru healing) and there is so little you can do. I am very thankful for the Pediatric ER at Fairfax Inova Hospital. They were AMAZING and coordinated all of Cooper's follow-up with the pediatricians and the plastic surgeon. Cooper has required many dressing changes and pain meds. The other kids have often helped with his dressing changes and comforted him. As well, Sybella was very upset and still doesn't want us to order coffee in restaurants anymore.
We are still dealing with the restaurant over the issue and continuing to moisturize Cooper's new and healing skin.
Thanks to all who have prayed and asked about how Cooper is recovering. You are a blessing to us!

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Grace said...

Wow! I was in tears reading this. Poor little guy. I can't believe that the coffee was that hot! We'll be praying for healing on those little toes.