Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Strings Concert

On January 27th, our family attended Colin's Winter Strings Concert. Colin is in 6th grade and is a 3rd year violin student. He is enjoying strings now more than ever. In fact, he is enjoying it so much that he is now interested in joining the orchestra in Middle School (7th & 8th grade) next year. [Interested that is, since he discovered that the middle school intentionally makes sure that orchestra does not interfere with playing sports.]
Coin's Favorite Pieces from the concert were The Nutcracker March and Sakura.
Colin is also participating in Area Orchestra with students from 6 other Elementary Schools in Fairfax. I have found that he is practicing the theme from Mission Impossible much more often than the other music; wonder why?
Colin has also turned into a part-time teacher as well---Connor is ready to start learning the violin so Colin has started giving him pointers and teaching him beginning notes. Love it when they want to help each other out, especially with learning!

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macymiamom said...

So wonderful! I wish we could have been there!