Saturday, February 2, 2008

Follow the Game

For all of you that are really into technology, check out Mashable. They have built a system powered by Microsoft’s Virtual Earth mashed with radio power data added by Spatial Point. They made a sizable amount of effort in building the data referenced by the system, looking up all the AM & FM stations carrying the game, determining their coverage area from the FCC database, and loading that into a SQL backend.

Now if you are one of my friends from the DoD you'll know that we can take maps and terrain mash the data together to build line of sight diagrams and many other models (we were doing this in the mid 90's). But now with other threat data like the range of radar detection, one can plot the safe path by air or ground to arrive safely at the destination.

While this seems boring to the average guy let me give you applicability for tomorrow. You know that big event...NO NO not the Presidential Election, NO NO not Britney Spears, NO NO not Microsoft trying to buy Yahoo! I am talking about the SUPER BOWL!!!

Follow the Game allows you to plot your course of where you will be traveling and then it will tell you which radio stations to tune into so that you can follow the game. I know you can spin the dial and tune it but this is more fun and heck...we live in the technology age!

Have fun...GO PATRIOTS!

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Anonymous said...

He meant "GO GIANTS!!" ~sharon