Monday, February 4, 2008

Time with Rick Warren

I was truely blessed to be invited to spend time with Rick Warren today as he sat with a small group of leaders and shared from his heart. I am always amazed at the doors that will open if you lean forward, listen, and face your fears. Pastor Rick, popular author of the Purpose Driven Life took time to have a conversation about leadership and spiritual maturity. I took pages of notes for personal and professional development. While I can not share everything in this brief commentary...I will share a few memorable quotes and thoughts from Pastor Rick:

1. A snowflake is a frail thing but enough of them together can stop traffic
2. We grow as individuals only by our commitments
3. The shortest pencil is better than the longest memory
4. If you want God's Annointing you need to have: Integrity, Humility, and Generosity
5. People who compartmentalize thier lives lack integrity

Today he challenged leaders to improve themselves, keep the faith, and develop others. This is a man who God has placed in our country..."For such a time is this". I am thrilled to have spent an afternoon with him and share in the vision that God has given him and Kay.

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